ref cursor syntax in pl sql





Syntax of Weak Ref Cursors in PL/SQL. DECLARE TYPE refcursorname IS REF CURSOR Except from the missing return clause the syntax is pretty much similar to the strong ref cursors. PL/SQL Syntax Structure. ProcedureREF Cursor Attributes : cursorROWCOUNT - int - number of rows affected by last SQL statement. cursorFOUND - bool - TRUE if >1 row returned. Defines and declares a reference cursor before explicitly opening it : Reference Cursor « Cursor « Oracle PL / to declare ref cursor in oracle stored procedure ref cursor in oracle 11g example ref cursor syntax in oracle pl/sql strong and weak ref cursor in oracle cursor variable in Types of cursors in PL/SQL - Implicit cursors, Explicit cursors.Write syntax. WHERE CURRENT OF clause enables you to update or delete last fetched record by the cursor. These records are referenced by the SELECT FOR UPDATE clause. So could be used for returning data to other languages like Java, C etc II.b) Ref cursor Strong Weak - Two types : Ref cursor with a specified return type. Explicit cursor is declared in the DECLARE section of PL/SQL program. Syntax: CURSOR IS