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I think I would consider spying with binoculars inside of the home of two women illegal and immoral. Thats obsessive.a. Loud upstairs neighbors ? Created by andreahasnosoul Last post 5 months ago. Upstairs neighbours. ratty0 Posts: 2,494.At first I thought the general noises may be due to them moving stuff in, but theyve been there 8 weeks now and its not changed. They do seem to be generally quite heavy footed (can hear them on the communal stairs etc) but I just dont get how I can hear Read Creepy Neighbor Upstairs from the story Lets Not Meet by CareFreeHugz with 507 reads. kidnapper, scary, creepy. So a little back story to start, i live iI Think About This Time From Time, And Its Still Pretty Chilling. My upstairs neighbor is spying on me (archive.org).My neighbour has Paranoid Schizophrenia what can i do to stay safe? (archive.org). My neighbour thinks im out to get him and i feel he is dangerous! (archive.org). Report Abuse. I think this question violates the Community Guidelines. Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members,show more.

Survey: Have you ever had upstairs apartment neighbors who eavesdrop and spy on you? I swear. My upstairs neighbor is spying on me.? MRW my upstairs neighbor knocks on my door to angrily rant about "the damned Muslims" that moved in next door.14. That Would Be Enough Alicia Keys The Hamilton Mixtape 15 Super Lyrical Big Pun, Black Thought of The Roots E 4:05 1:23 E 3:06 4:04 E 3:28 16. In my case, my upstairs neighbor listens to me on the phone. Im not paranoid about it, since I could care less about her being snoopy.On a serious note, if you think shes spying on you, you might go see a therapist or counselor. I am experiencing these same issues with my upstairs neighbors, things that I have not even told my family members about because I feel that they would think I am crazy.It should be against the law to spy on your neighbors or guest in hotel rooms with spying devices. Take pictures or better yet video the state and condition of the walls, as well as your entire apartment, get collaborations about the conditions from friends or even neighbors and write down conversations with your landlord to build a case with yourGood idea Kelz M. I think Ill go to Home Depot today I can hear my upstairs neighbor walking around his room and on many occasions I have heard his phone vibrate with incoming texts. Im trying to paint a picture for you guys and I think you got my situation down pat at this point. After that, I decided to conduct a short test. I signed off the Wifi network and typed an insult into my phone ( I think "crazy neighbor whining" orAdd in a few ambiguously-timed, overheard comments that your pattern-seeking brain can use to reinforce your fears of being spied-upon (plus one incident My problem is my upstairs neighbors thought it a good idea to buy and use a treadmill on an upstairs condo built in 1968.The thing is I work late at night and simply walking up my stairs after work disturbs her apparently.

Seriously, what are you doing up there? Posted on April 13, 2015, 16:42 GMT.4. Do you really think its acceptable to sing "Walking On Sunshine" as loud as you can early in the morning? How do spies think? What is spying? I can hear my neighbors fighting once a week. He shouts at her and she screams.How can I tell if my neighbor has been employed by the government to spy on me? My upstairs neighbor keeps filming my kids in his phone why cant this be illegal? In morse code it translates to: "NEXT GAME PLZ - WHEN R U GOING TO PLAY A3L" Confirmed: Your upstairs neighbor is a nonsub.Why with all the views and subs you have do you even have a upstairs neighbor? I just want sleep. EDIT: I FINALLY fell asleep and my image did the thing. Quiet Down, Sonny Jim! To my upstairs Neighbor, I can hear you.During daylight hours I have no issue with the amount of noise you keep. Sometime I think you are moving bodies and working a chainsaw but since its before 9 pm, I wont complain. Просмотрите доску «Cat in the window» пользователя Patsy Blackburn в Pinterest. Re: My neighbors are spying on us with wireless rermot.i am going thru the same thing. i am the one upstairs. somehow they are projecting a noise up to my wall and they try to wake me up. i think it is several mexican families living in the same apartment downstairs. it is so miserable. Upstairs neighbors. Browsing Shortcuts: Thumbs Up and go nextI think my upstairs neighbours are professional noise makers or have a gym up there or something because its constant loud music and heavy noises. He still pops up now and then. I like to think I can help others in the same situation. Are your neighbors spying on you watching your every move? i hate my upstairs neighbor because. Отметки «Нравится»: 243. give us some insight as to why your neighbors annoy you.its a great place to vent/meet new About a year ago, my upstairs neighbor moved in and installed hardwood flooring throughout his unit.Some days I would quietly enter my unit to make him think I wasnt there. Case in point: It is a rainy Friday afternoon and I am stuck listening to my very loud upstairs neighbors going to town on one another.I think I could be a hat person, but do I have the confidence to really pull it off? Today, my neighbor, whom Ive had a massive crush on but barely know started flirting with me.Today, after a night of heavy drinking, I woke up at 2am to find my desk on fire. Thinking Id forgotten a lit candle, I threw water to extinguish the I still remember when I found out my upstairs neighbor in college was a competitive dancer that focused on clogging. It was actually a relief because I thought I was going crazy. Surely no one could really be making that much noise. I think im gonna have to contact the Super and Owner of the property because I just cant take it anymore. 01-07-2012, 12:40 AM.Im sure my upstairs neighbor swears Im spying on themcuz I am! You should not be secretly recorded in your own home. Maybe test your theory by having a conversation in the bedroom/ upstairs that you know would pique his interest?I have had one personal experience with a Neighbor whos ex was spying on her. Публикуйте что угодно (откуда угодно!), настраивайте все до мелочей и читайте то, что вам нравится. Создайте свой блог Tumblr уже сегодня! My upstairs neighbor makes so much noise all the time and I dont know what I can do. Printer-friendly format Email this thread to a friend Bookmark this thread.For that same reason, I dont think the landlord is going to bust into that apartment and rip up the floor, even if they wanted to do something What have the artists said about the song? One of the last songs I wrote on the album, inspired by overhearing a stream of verbal abuse coming from my upstairs neighbors. A fictional story based on that, about how a small encounter in a hallway led to murder So upstairs we share a wall on our bedroom, the landing and our bathroom. The only noise I ever hear from their house is that noise of a pull switch light cord.Uuummmmmm AIBU to think I might be being spied on??!!! I am now 17 so I would think I should get some privacy but some of her friends are cute and it is a turn onHer bedroom is at the top of the stairs. She always goes upstairs and throws the door closed but itShe made me drop my underpants or said she would tell mom I was spying on her. I droppedAs I peered down the driveway I saw the familiar form and gait of our neighbor, a 17 year old guy who For instance, Im pretty sure the noise from my upstairs neighbors is them chasing their dog around and playing Wii games.

They keep it to tolerable hours, so I grin and bear it.Seriously (not your neighbor) I think my neighbor (is) harassing me. It was 5am and my upstairs neighbor had been hitting snooze (yet again) on her siren-pitched alarm clock for close to an hour.To keep you from meeting the same pre-dawn fate (and well, looking like a lunatic), I thought Id research more neighborly etiquette. I was searching for ways to find out how I can tell if my upstairs neighbor is spying/listening to me and this post came up. This is real and it is happening to me right now. The exact same thing posskb posted is happening to me now. At first I thought I was imaginging it so I tested it out. I found out that the neighbors upstairs can see me in every room, i boughtWhen a lawyer answers a question on Avvo, we ask them whether or not they think the person should hire a lawyer for their issue. If more than 75 suggest hiring, the question is considered High need. I dont think my upstairs or side neighbor can hear my coffee grinder. I hear absolutely everything my upstairs neighbors do, alas. Including gargling, shaving (electric shaver), stumbling around drunk in heels at 5:30 am every single Saturday, and yes, a coffee grinder. MY UPSTAIRS NEIGHBOR | This is a video demonstration of how noisy my newest upstairs neighbors are. Im sorry for my 1 week absence but I had a school My former upstairs neighbor got married and moved away and Godzilla moved in above me.Theres also a long dip in the ceiling directly over my bed. (Ive reported these to the landlord the man he sent over said he thought they were safe.) Location: UpstairsI think one of my neighbors hired A PI to spy on my house or something. 3 times now Ive had one of my tenants/roomies tell me they saw a black car outside and as soon as they see us looking the car peels out and speeds away. Now seriously, Im all for people having a good time and doing it like the worlds about to end, but would it hurt my upstairs neighbor to buy a new mattress? I honest to God think the one hes on has been around since the beginning of mattresses. MRW my upstairs neighbor knocks on my door to angrily rant about "the damned Muslims" that moved in next door.14. That Would Be Enough Alicia Keys The Hamilton Mixtape 15 Super Lyrical Big Pun, Black Thought of The Roots E 4:05 1:23 E 3:06 4:04 E 3:28 16. sublet your flat to Ben Cope for a few weeks. if that doesnt annoy your upstairs neighbour nothing will.Shit through the letter box, bang on the ceiling at 3am, brake fluid over the Jag, tell the local authorities you think hes to friendly towards small children ect ect. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!! Are you spying on me? This covers my noisy neighbors!!!! .Several years ago, I lived in an apartment and my upstairs neighbor (whom I love dearly) would sing and play his guitarI think boinking would have been an acceptable, family friendly word for the missing one. I need to know how to better record my upstairs neighbours Now the disclaimer here is I dont want to record things that I cant already hear (in other words, I dont want to " spy" on them). I only have to have a clear audio recording of the noise You want to achieve your neighbour being quieter, for the long term, and I think you already understand that for that to happen it will be better to have an, at least, cordial relationship with your neighbour. Her upstairs neighbor was blasting his stereo again. She had asked him twice already to turn the volume down. The first time she asked, he was surprised. He said he didnt know that she could hear his stereo. He still pops up now and then. I like to think I can help others in the same situation.Anonymous 2 months ago. I live in condominium and believe my upstairs neighbor is spying on me. My upstairs neighbors are buffalo herders, but props for their dedicated preservation of stampeding, ten ton endangered beasts.I think my upstairs neighbor is a giant spider.


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