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Messenger is trying to reach Facebook holdouts, whether they have never signed up for an account or have deleted their accounts.On Wednesday, Messenger began letting people without a Facebook account sign up for a Messenger account on iOS and Android. Recently Facebook had decided to make messenger access able without facebook account. Yes after this you can use facebook messenger as a push messenger by registering your no. in messenger to access it.Now while sign up process click on Not on Facebook? there. Downloading Messenger Without a Facebook Account. So, if you dont have Facebook, how on earth are you supposed to use Facebook Messenger?If instead I click the "I dont have a FB account" Im redirected to FBs sign up page. Facebook Messenger no longer requires a Facebook account. Starting today, new Messenger users in the US, Canada, Venezuela and Peru can sign up using a full name and phone number. How Messenger without Facebook account works? Now the Messenger will feature a new Not on Facebook? button during the sign-up flow. Use this button to fill up your details like your phone number, first name, last name and a picture. Facebook will recognise the number and tell you to either: "Log in with Facebook" (thus connecting your full account). Or "Continue signing up" (which will keep your new Messenger identity separate, and you will go on to enter a first name, last name, and optionally a photo). First, Facebook kicked Messenger out of its main app. Next, it gave Messenger its own home on the web. Now, the final cleaving: As of today, you no longer need a Facebook account to sign up for Messenger at all. But the company says there are still significant benefits to signing up for both.People with no Facebook account can opt to upload their phone contacts, which should make finding friends and family toTo start, Messenger sans Facebook is available in the US, Canada, Peru, and Venezuela. Those in the U.S Canada, Peru, and Venezuela will soon be able to sign up for Messenger with just a phone number. All you need is a phone number and a picture to get started on Facebook Messenger now. The company has dropped the previous requirement, which was a Facebook account. Signing up for the service is simple, just download the app and select the "not on Facebook" option to use your phone Perhaps that will change down the road, but I suspect not.

On the positive side, you can actually sign up for Messenger independent of your Facebook account even using the very same cellphone number. Now thats a handy idea! By Yasmeen Abutaleb SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Facebook Inc has enabled users without an account to sign up for its Messenger app with a phone number, the social media company said on Wednesday, in another move to broaden the apps reach and make it a standalone platform. 4. Tap the plus sign. 5. Enter the account information.Your Messenger password is the same as your Facebook password.

You can add up to five Facebook accounts to Messenger. Yes,what you heard is true from yesterday onwards.Facebook confirms that new users can signup on facebook messenger without even a facebook account.But the company says there are still significant benefits to signing up for both.

Create New Account. Not Now. Messenger.Messenger shared Facebook Stickerss post. 22 February at 10:42 . Meet Aggretsuko and unleash your inner rage with FacebookStickers latest addition from Sanrio. Jun 24, 2015 Facebook will now allow users who dont have FB accounts to sign up for chat app Messenger. This could help push the service to the magic "1 billion" landmark. Do you hate Facebook and the vortex that comes with signing up, but you would still like to stay in contact via Messenger? The company has made this option possible, by removing the necessity of having a Facebook account for you to be able to use the messaging platform. Before now, those wanting to use Facebook Messenger would need to sign up for a proper account, which includes entering an email, along with other personal information that some are not keen to hand over. The company made an official statement to the users of the app that they no longer require a Facebook account so as to access it.For one to access it, all that is now needed is aHowever, there are still benefits that only those who sign up for Facebook Messenger using their Facebook credentials enjoy. Now, a Facebook account is not required to sign up for Messenger, the social networking giant has announced. The move may be termed drastic in the sense that Facebook and Messenger have always been s Now you are allowed to sign up for Facebook Messenger without having a Facebook account. You dont need to open an account in Facebook, a social media platform to get access to its popular instant messaging platform. In fact, it does not require your email address to log into the account. The company has made another move to broaden the apps reach and make it a standalone platform. Users can now sign up to the Facebooks messenger service without having the Facebook Account. After showing some changes in user-interface, the company has revealed on Wednesday that its messenger users can now sign up to the service through their phone numbers. Facebook will now allow users who dont have FB accounts to sign up for chat app Messenger.Facebook. In the US, Canada, Peru, and Venezuela, users can now sign up with a phone number, name, and photo alone. Dont want a Facebook account but still want to keep in touch with your friends? No problem. The social media giant will now let you use its Messenger app without one. Starting Wednesday, Facebook is rolling out this feature for smartphone owners in the U.S Canada, Peru and Venezuela. On this page you will learn how you can complete Facebook messenger sign up without Facebook account. It is interesting that you no longer need a Facebook account to chat on Facebook messenger. According to Facebook, people who sign up for Messenger through their phone number will gain the same functionality as those who have registered for the service with their Facebook account, including photos, videos, group chats, voice and video calling, stickers and more. You must have a Facebook account in order to use Facebook Messenger which is really quite reasonable.view more. Log in or Sign up. Of course, having a Facebook account still has some benefits, like being able to message Facebook friends, view past Facebook messages, and have access to mutli-device messaging.Sign Up for Messenger, Without a Facebook Account | Facebook Newsroom. For those who have Facebook accounts, there are many benefits to using your Facebook credentials when signing up for Messenger. People can easily message with their Facebook friends and contacts, access their Facebook messages and take advantage of To do this, you need to sign up for Facebook with your phone number and then request to have your account permanently deleted. After doing this your data (also on Messenger) will be wiped. Your name will still be on your friends contact list unless they delete it. For now, the Messenger sans Facebook account option is only available in the United States, Canada, Peru and Venezuela.By signing up, you agree to our Privacy Policy and European users agree to the data transfer policy. If you dont have a Messenger account yet, as soon as you download the app, youll see an option on the welcome screen saying not on Facebook, just below the log in with Facebook option. Now all you need to do is sign up with your name, phone number, and a photo. Note: an older version of Facebook Messenger could handle standard SMS messages. To sign up for Facebook Messenger without a Facebook account, just open the app and tap "not on Facebook." Availability. Sign up without a Facebook account. December 2012."No Facebook Account Required: Facebook Messenger For Android Lets You Sign Up With Just A Phone Number". TechCrunch. AOL. Messenger. Sign in with Facebook to get started. Continue. Facebook also encourages signing up with Facebook thus users take advantage of multi-device electronic messaging across mobile devices, the web and tablets. that meansUsing messenger while not a connected Facebook account might build it a lot of attractive for businesses likewise. Class Messenger keeps you in sync from your computer, phone or tablet. with your Google Account. without ever having to sign up for a Facebook account. Find answers to questions about your account and become a Kik pro. Even without the Facebook account, those who sign up for Messenger can still send photos, messages, group chats, and have access to voice and video calling as well. A phone number, photo and a name is all thats required to make it work Facebook has been pretty adamant that Facebook Messenger is an independent service when compared to facebook.If youre in Canada, the United States, Peru or Venezuela, we are starting to roll out a new way for you to sign up for Messenger without a Facebook account. it s a video about using facebook messenger without account by updating the messenger to the latest version and keep it up use this option if you dont haveWant to watch this again later? Sign in to add this video to a playlist. Facebook Sign Up for Facebook App. Facebook is now more enjoyable at Facebook application. It gives some extra features to browse your Facebook.Thats how you can create your Facebook account on the official Facebook app. Facebook Sign Up for Messenger. (Read: Messenger comes without Facebook account compulsion). Facebook still suggests the users to sign up with their social account as this allows them to continue a conversation across various devices. Now, when you sign up for Facebook Messenger, you can either sign up through your Facebook account or sign up directly with the app. No more Buzzfeed quizzes or pictures or babys that arent yours. You cannot also find Facebook without messenger Apk. There is no need for Facebook Messenger account create, Since you have Facebook messenger account. Hence dont try for Facebook Messenger sign up or login. SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - Facebook Inc has enabled users without an account to sign up for its Messenger app with a phone number, the social media company said on Wednesday, in another move to broaden the apps reach and make it a standalone platform. When non-Facebook users sign up, the app will suck in their contacts.However, non-Facebook Messenger could provide a stepping stone to signups or reactivations for those who havent found the need for Facebook, are holding out, or deleted their accounts. Starting today, you can sign up and use Facebook Messenger without having a Facebook account. Facebook is launching this ability in the US, Canada, Peru, and Venezuela, with the purpose of getting more people to use the app for sending chats or calls. Today, the company announced that it no longer requires Messenger users to have a Facebook account. Instead, new users will now be able to sign up with a name, phone number, and photo. Email Sign Up or sign in with. Google. Facebook.Messenger Platform invokes the registered URL when a user starts the account linking flow. The redirecturi and accountlinkingtoken parameters are appended to your registered callback.


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