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Nyheder. naruto hinata fanfiction. Ads.As the title implies, Naruto/Hinata pairings that are so amazingly written, and an epic - both complete and in-progress. Make sure you set the ratings to "All", most Any Naruto fanfiction with the main plot orientating around different sex couples.CSSZen elegance Gaara Hinata Hyuuga Jinchuuriki Kabuto Kakashi Kakashi2 Naruto Sasuke SasuNaru Shikamaru Shikamaru2 SNRegret SurpriseMe team7 Zenlike. Fanfiction Net Lemon Naruto Hinata?fanfiction net lemon naruto hinata? Best Answer. Sorry, we dont have an aswer for this question yet. Pairing: Naruto/Hinata. Synopsis: In which Naruto listens to his mothers advice and marries a girl like her. And lives to regret it.Synopsis: Kushina Uzumaki survives childbirth by sheer force of will (and the timely arrival of Tsunade). Things change. Pairing: Naruto/Hinata. Naruto is a manga series created by Masashi Kishimoto. The story follows ninja-in-training Naruto Uzumaki as he aspires to become Hokage, the leader of the ninja village Konoha. Narutos journey is complicated by ninja ethics, building friendships posted 5 years ago 132 notes (thebashfulpoet sasusaku Naruto NaruHina naruto x hinata Naruto couple Hinata Sakura Sasuke Uchiha Family Uzumaki Family anime couple anime girls anime boys love cute romance family couples.

Popular FanFiction.Net Naruto videos. Play all. Share.(fanfic) Little reds story - Naruto X Hinata. Silent Treatment Series: Naruto Pairing: Sasuke/Hinata Rating: K Word Count: 295 Drabble: 003- Silent Treatment Genre: Romance Summary: Contrary to popular belief, it wasnt love at first sight. Read it at or Livejournal. Hinata cant wait to see you again and promised to make your favourite food., Naruto smiled to change the subject.Disclaimer: All characters belong to the great Masashi Kishimoto. Read on Images for Naruto.Kyuubi Naruto and Hinata by Shadiz on DeviantArt

fanfiction | One Page At A Time Infinity better than Naruto and hinata.No I know for a fact hinata would get destroyed by miras satan souls include stiri the one she used on Jenny, hell she needs to go regular satan soul to beat her since Hinata cant even a rock. Main. Videos. Naruto dating hinata manga. Site » Whos Domain » Hosting Provider:www. Baby, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction. Naruto FanFiction Recommendations. Discussion in The Index started by Robo Jesus, Feb 3, 2007.Hinata and Naruto have a son whos got an imagination.Im sorry but i had to change the rating because of Temaris mouth. Naruto/Hinata One-Shot - Kapitel 1 - Ferestor - Naruto FFs Naruto Anime Manga Fanfiktion Geschichte Romanze Familie.You can find some of the best stories on the net that have Naruto and Hinata as the main pairing right hear. Mitsuki Naruto Uzumaki Boruto Anime Naruto Sasuke Sakura Sarada Naruhina Doujinshi Naruhina Comics Naruto And Hinata Narusasu Naruto Comics Funny. Lol, did Hinata try to pick him up? I wish I knew what they were saying. Todos : Naruto Hinata. A GUI Mod for Counter-Strike: Source. Home.Below is a list of all todos for Naruto Hinata. None found. As the title implies, Naruto/Hinata pairings that are so amazingly written, and an epic - both complete and in-progress. Make sure you set the ratings to "All", mostAnime/Manga: Naruto fanfiction archive with over 419,438 stories. !naruto !harrypotter fic:crossover genre:angst genre:hurtcomfort type:het pairing: narutohinata category:self-harm category:depression status:wip. Fanfic: Hyuuga Jinchuuriki Ch 1, Naruto - FanFiction.Net Mobile Naruto FanFiction Archive | FanFiction - Unleash Your Imagination.Naruto Fanworks > Fanfiction. Hinata Hyuuga always had a thing for Naruto but she was such a shy girl Naruto never. When Naruto saw Hinata coming, Naruto not happy he want drive out Hinata. Pain is a very serious threat that cant be countered with Hinata alone. Hinata refuse Naruto orders, because this time he was not afraid of death and she declared her feeling for Naruto. Hello this is a naruto fanfiction i found recently. Like usual in CN fiction ,a guy reincarnate into naruto world. I am addicted to fanfiction so i read a lot of it this one was intersting it is still ongoing with 82 chapters the author update daily, so its ok i hope . File: NarutoKushinaSlaveFanfiction.PDF.Quidditch Practice Diviniti: Harry Potter: FicWad: More Info: 2. Synopsis Naruto Uzumaki, a hyperactive and knuckle-headed ninja, lives in Konohagakure, the Hidden Leaf village. Naruto obtains Kyoka Suigetsu and idolizes Aizen after seeing his memories. Watch as he goes out of his way to also reach new heights. (terrible summary, i promiseShattering Existence Chapter 1, a Naruto - FanFiction.Net. Ok then, time to go back to my Naruto daysor what I remember of themTop 11(cuz why not?) Tsunade Badass Moments, and everything counts not just her fights but other moments too. naruto gif hinata hyuga. Naruto and Hinata fanfiction from the story Naruto and Hinata fan fiction by jessie457 (Bananas!) with 8,487 reads. surprises, akatsuki, lovingnature. Compatible Sites. For links - linkffn()Fic RequestLooking for a Minato/Naruto father son story where Minato is alive but almost no one knows that Naruto is minatos son (self.NarutoFanfiction). Naruto Hinata - Naruto Hinata | Anime and Manga - Naruto,, and Naruto-Hinata shippers come like a swarm to say "its non-canon, I dont see why Naruto x Hinata gets hate. Its been almost a year since I trolled the Naruto Fanfiction - Basically since my Crohns got out of control and put me into the hospital several times. But there is this fic I remember that I cannot for the LIFE of me find anywhere. Sasuke Text Naruto About Dating Hinata | Naruto get MAD at Sasuke for Talking about Hinata. Loading More From: Fanfiction naruto sasuke hinata. Naruto and Hinata start dating after The Last. Our hero goes to Sai for help, but will it go as planned? Naruto: Isamu MamoruThis is my first fanfiction video. Hinata and Naruto go on a date. Naruto fanfic where minatos little sister (oc) adopts naruto. Hi. Looking for an OC Naruto fanfic and I cant find it. Its about minatos oc little sister who is in a relationship with kakashi. And when minato and kushina die, the oc takes care of naruto. Title: Come Quickly Fandom: Naruto Characters: Uzumaki Karin, Hyuuga Hinata Ship: KarinHina Word Count: 1337 Rating: NC17 Summary: Established relationship, post-series, not canon compliant.On LiveJournal On Dreamwidth On Naruto Fanfiction This is where you can find all those Naruto fanfictions you want. They are sorted by their pairings for your convenience.Submitted by:cutestpixieyoueversaw Title: A few Angry Words Genre: Drama Rating:T Pairing: Naruto/Hinata Author: lord of the land of fire Status: Complete Probably as strong as Naruto when he received Hagoromo chakra. Hinata has Hamuras chakra and Naruto has Hagoromos chakra. That pretty much makes Boruto and Himawari like Kaguya. Title: But he Wasnt there Rating: T Genre: Drama/Romance Pairing: Naruto x Hinata NaruHina Chapters: 1 Status: Complete Summary: Hinata finally manages to go out with Naruto for Valentinesbut she couldnt find him. I have been looking for a fan fiction by DizziKatz called Keep Your Eyes On The Neon Lights it was deleted from a long time ago but i was wondering if anyone had a copy?I remember Tsunade is still the Hokage, and I think Naruto is with Hinata at the time. Eventual NaruSasu. Links: On on the AO3.Title: He Floats Author: RicepaperDoll ( teaspeak) Characters: Neji, Naruto, Hinata Genre: Drama, Spiritual Rating: T Word Count: 1,096 Warnings: Spoilers for Chapter 614 of the manga. Naruto Fanfiction Recommendation List. May. 21st, 2007 at 4:05 PM.hinata. hitsuhina. illustration. Naruto 1 Itachi Uchiha Sasuke Akatsuki Naruto Shippuden Boruto Naruto Boys Naruto Fan Art Hinata Anime People. Naruto: Shimei on the main plot will remain mostly unchanged, but character and team dynamics will change with the addition of four new characters, children of the original timelines sensei that will replace Kiba, Hinata, Lee and Shikamaru as sensei to the current teams. Browse through and read thousands of naruto fanfiction stories and books.Tatsu Hyuga from the main branch and Hinatas younger twin sister. !req - slave.Website: Genre: Romance. I remember Naruto riding his bike to Sasukes house/Apartment because Sasuke and Itachi wanted ramen.Theres also a scene where Hinata brings lunch and shares it with naruto. Naruto Fanfiction: Naruto Hinata 2.Naruto and HinataAMV-Through Pain and Suffering NaruHina. Anime: Naruto Song:Arrows to Athens - Used to be Watch in HD 720p! . naruto has 3 friends shikamaru, shino, and hinata. naruto only talks to them and nobody else. they also know about the kuybi but doesnt abandon him. cold!! naruto, godlike strong shino, shikamaru, hinata and naruto. good!!kuybi. On choose the category that it will be under: Anime/Manga, books, cartoons, comics, games, movies, and tv WikiAnswers Categories Literature Language Books and Literature Manga Naruto Sharigan Naruto on I always use for my fanfiction about naruto and hinata .I read every story about that couple! So could you guys please give me a list of websites where i can find naruto and hinata stories other than Naruto gave Hinata kiss and he said "Dont worry about your sister as she will be protected by a legion of my clones hedged into various things. Take a few deep breathes Hinata everything will be fine and Kurenai might be joining you soon as your slave." Top site for "fanfiction naruto hinata": Title: Unleash Your Imagination - FanFiction.Net Description: Worlds largest fanfiction archive and forum where fanfic writers and readers around the globe gather to share their passion.

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