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Subscribe now cd dvd player in macbook pro will not work tech yeah [] Dvd Drive Sharing Macbook And Macbook Pro.Install Windows On Mac No Bootcamp Working. Dvd Optical Drive Macbook Pro Inch Problem. I have a DVD that came with a school book the book is called CompTIA A Guide to Managing and Maintaining Your PC.I want to be able to do this on my MacBook pro. So far i cant get it to work on Safari or Firefox or Opera on my Mac. I have a 1 year old MacBook Pro with a Dvd Superdrive (MATADVD-R UJ-867).(No AppleCare) I did some very minor and minimal DVD/ CD burns duringIf problem wont go awayHeres another way you can do To find out if it is a software problem. a. Connect an external CD/ DVD drive via Groups » Mac Users ». CD drive stopped working on MacBook Pro.purchased 2 yrs ago. Model Name: MacBook Pro 15" Model Identifier: MacBookPro2,2 Processor Name: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor Speed: 2.33 GHz. Well my suggestion and from experience check if your external is work, and also you need to if the file systemShould I buy a MacBook Pro with a smaller hard drive and purchase an external hard drive instead?Can I use the hard drive in my Macbook Pro as an external hard drive to my Mac Mini? If a DVD is completely stuck in the MacBook / MacBook Pro drive and its still spinning, you can also try this trick: get a small piece of thin cardboard (business card or a credit card works fine too) and insert it above the stuck DVD and press down slightly to stop the disk from spinning CD drive stopped working on MacBook Pro fred hmmm ok look closly at ur there small hole ta rom near switch take usually, loaded eject normal manner (i. And inside the DVD/CD drive e. All Mac CdContacted tech support tried every step offered light pressure imac wont cd, dvd, rom, anymore???. Cd Dvd Player In Macbook Pro Will Not Work Tech Yeah.Macbook cd dvd drive wont read discs cleaning the laser lens with isopropyl alcohol would be the first thing reparation reservdelar iphone ipad macbook dvd drive fix repair cd dvd drive wont read discs [] I have a Macbook running 10.6.8 with this DVD drive, HL-DT-ST DVDRW GSA-S10N. I can not put anything in it and i know there is nothing in there. How do I get it to open up? Unlike the Tower or other drives, there is no visible pin hole. Macbook DVD drive. I wonder if the DVD is a faster disc than the Mac can handle.

I know that when I use a 40x CD disc on a G5 optical drive, its no go.macbook pro cd drive wont. my [early 2011] macbook pros DVD drive wont accept any CD, every time i insert a CD it doesnt automatically receive it .

An update on my macbookpro. Its completely working now, after a few weeks i guess . I didnt get the chance to replace it though, cause the other day i was about to test to Hey, I have tried doing all the steps to get my Cd out, I put a dvd a freebie from a TG tips about some monkey, but anyway the Cd wont come out.This worked perfectly for my 15 macbook pro. Folded a piece of cardboard over, jammed it in the drive, and out came the disc. Windows On Mac :: Eject Second Optical Drive In Windows / Key Combination? MacBook Pro :: How To Eject An Installation Disk, The Eject Button Wont Work.MacBook Pro :: DVD Wont Eject From It. Tags: Macbook Pro. Factory Restore.My HDMI card wont work any more. I have 2 HDMI slots on Samsung large TV. It use to work but now it doesnt.Ask the community. Tags. Example: Notebook, Android, SSD hard drive. Publish. Note: If you have a Macbook Pro with Touch ID, the Touch ID button is the power button.I went to Amazon and purchased a new DC input for under 20 and with 45 minutes of work, my Mac was up and running. I tried putting several other DVD CDs but the wont work it only reads CD-Ri read a couple of forms it didnt do me any better either they didnt give the solution or i didntMacbook Pro Optical Drive keeps spitting out DVD? Will a Mac laptop play videos as good as Vista, what are the differences. midorosan - 09:30 17-02-2018. Nothing worked for me I still get the folder with the ? on it I must assume that my internal drive is dead, this is without anyI have a macbook pro 10.7 and it wont start up try recovery mood and it ask for a password i dont remember putting any there plz help me. How do I install Windows as a dual boot on my Mac mini without a working dvd drive?Install Ubuntu 13.10 64-bit without CD, DVD or USB. 0. Install Windows on a MacBook Prod legally. 0. Need to boot Linux Mint install DVD on MacPro 1,1. Number 9 worked! Turned MacBook Pro upside down and shook it excessively while it did the whirring ejection and disc came out.Wont be putting this sized disk in the machine again !I placed a small DVD from my Handcam into my MacBook CD drive it wont come out Macbook Pro 15-inch, Mid 2012 OS X Sierra Processor 2.3GHz Intel Core i7 Memory 16GB Graphics Intel HD Graphics 4000 1024 MB 240GB SSD The problem Im trying to solve is to stop hearing thisTo disable faulty DVD/CD drive on Mac OS X. I have a macbook Air, so no CD/DVD drive.I Hope this resolves your inquiry. Sunshyn2005 I work on behalf of HP. If you found this post helpful, you can let others knowHP Printers - Printer is Offline (Windows). HP LaserJet Pro Printers and Multifunction Printers - HP Smart Install Discontinuation. Mac Wont Play DVD Solution | Fix DVD not Playing on MacBook Pro/Air/iMac etc. Questions: - Everytime I put a DVD into my MacBook Pro, the disk spins around and then it is ejected. I have tried repairing permissions and lots of different DVD. I just purchased a 64 GB PNY Metal Attache flash drive that is Mac compatible but upon opening it and plugging it in to my 2011 MacBook Pro it does not show up in finder or Disk Utility. I tried plugging it into my fathers brand new 2013 iMac and it showed up just fine. DB:4.25:My Macbook Pro Wont Boot Need Help zj. battery its fully charged and battery indicator work but wont boot?Can I hook up my iMac to this troubled MacBook pro and somehow access the MacBook pro drive? Case in point: A friend has an older MacBook Pro and its optical drive had not worked in years. When he took the computer to an AASP for servicing another issue, he asked about replacing the optical drive.Thanks Yatan. Similar. My Macbook pro wont accept any cd/dvd. Is the external drive assigned a same letter as a drive in your Macbook? You cant have 2 drives assigned as D: (even if ones a DVD and one is a HDD).Similar Topics. External hard drive not showing up on my MacBook Pro. My macbook pros dvd drive seems busted, I spray some dry air inside and tried to 90 degrees trick, did not work.-1. Basic questions about DMG and copying Mac OS Install CD as a backup. Macbook drive repair wont read discs optical hard recognized apple player will work tech yeah make external disks appear desktop yosemites icons this physi accept.Cd Dvd Player In Macbook Pro Will Not Work Tech Yeah. But when i try to bootcamp my macbook pro, when im at the step to reboot the computer and install windows 7. it keeps telling me to insert the windows 7 installation disk. Even tho my disk is inside! I tried to do it through a USB flash drive. 1. Mac (Book Pro) wont recognize DVD for optical drive refuses DVD disc or there is no DVD icon and no recognition even though the disc is well put into the drive. 2. DVD Player on Mac cant read DVD for commercial region codes, DVD disc scratch/broken and other incompatibility problems.

I have had my Macbook Pro for almost 2 years now. This has been an ongoing problem. I will insert a DVD into the drive and it will spin for a while then it wont read anything and just spit the DVD out again. I was on a chat with an apple guy and I reset the SMC and it it did not work. There are other free alternatives out there too, such as Gimp, though they will require a little effort to learn how they work, but once you do, youll be on your way to being a pro!And the macbook pro heats up quite a bit. Mac OS X lion seems a lot better. I literally just bought a 15" Macbook Pro with Retina (in other words "fancy" and disc being stuck in DVD rom drive, most of them have a 2015-01-30 10:53:24 macbook-pro-dvd-wont-eject.pdf. Apple External Cd Drive Not Working. Macbook Pro Cd Drive Wont Accept Cd. Ykleniyor I got the crazy idea and inserted the original iMac Applications Install DVD. Jun 8, 2014 3:39 PM Helpful (0) Reply options Link to this post by Artiss, Artiss Jun 15, 2014 2 I was a bit skeptical at first, but it works GREAT. The superdrive of my MacBook Pro only rejected DVDs (CDs were running fine) but now it reads all discs without a problem.Grateful thanks Anar! i had problems with my macbook pro DVD drive your solution worked for me! : MacX DVD Ripper Pro The best DVD ripper for Mac to copy protected DVDs on macOS, no matter 99-title DVD, Disney oversized 75GB DVD, Region Code DVD, damaged DVD or unplayable DVD, and rip any DVD to MP4, MOV, M4V, USB drive for QuickTime playback on MacBook Air/Pro, iMac, Mac I cant run kali linux on My new Macbook pro?It works on a PC and can repair both PC and Mac drives attached to that PC.I would recommend you purchase a bootable dvd of DiskWarrior as I have used it many times to fix similar issues to the one you are experiencing. Will this work on my Macbook Pro, which has 4GB Memory?Windows wont recognize internal hard drive. solved Seagate Expansion External Hard Drive (exFAT) Not Recognized by MacBook Pro. If so, try inserting the DVD/CD and start up from that drive by pressing the C key when powering up.The time I used it was a few hours ago. And now it wont boot. Any suggestions?Safe made did the trick. My late 2008 MacBook Pro was definitely struggling for some odd reason. A commercial dvd worked fine on my computer so my dvd drive works, but the burned slide show disc that I received from a friend didnt work.( Why cant I access Yahoo mail via Safari on my MacBook Pro? Can an asus external dvd drive work with a mac. Macbook pro dvd drive not accepting. First of all, I have tried all the methods found online and did not work.If you plug it into a pre-Retina MacBook Pro, for instance, youll see a On a Windows PC it wont even power up to accept an inserted disc. 13" MacBook Pro CD/DVD Drive not reading discs - Продолжительность: 1:31 munnabhai2010 11 443 просмотра.DVD OPTICAL DRIVE MACBOOK PRO 13 inch problem - Продолжительность: 1:37 Adam 14 472 просмотра. Borrow his/her original installation DVD that came with that Mac. Insert it on any PC with a DVD-ROM drive.Run that file from the thumb drive on the PC you want to use your Apple MacBook Air Superdrive. Discussions include MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, ranging from troubleshooting to buying advice.And if some USB optical drive works or not. Optical drives do age and do exactly what you noted. CD/DVD Player in MacBook Pro Will Not Work : Tech Yeah!How To Clean Slim Slot-In DVD Laser From Dust. When a slot-in DVD drive stops recognizing inserted DVD or CD media, the first I bought a Mackbook pro 2008 DVD Superdirve and a SATA external dvd case to use. When i plug the drive into my Macbook Pro 2007 model it is recognised, as when i go to : Disk Utils. My mac wont work when i connect with an internet cable. Im at my aunts and she doesnt have wireless but has internet cables.320gb serial ata drive 5400 rpm Superdrive 8x (dvdr dl/dvdrw/cd-rw) Macbook pro 15-inch glossy widescreen display. MacBook CDDVD drive wont read discs can it be fixed. I am macbook pro dvd player not reading disc able to watch dvds on my Macbook Pro. S work fine in the MacBook Pro. Can I use the disk utility on an external hard drive Mac os 10.6.8 to repair the drive on my macbook pro running mac os 10.7.5?My CD and DVD drives are still not being displayed. I couldnt drive resource of work either because I couldnt remember how to make this connection network player Wont work my mac says it is 10.6.3. doesnt even start installation.Doesnt work on my Macbook Pro 15 i7 Need an install disk cause the original disk is damaged by a defective DVD drive. Now I ordered an original install disk at Apple USA.


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