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You can also interact with XML files using a combination of JavaScript and HTML5.In this case, the application is using the XMLHttpRequest to request the Customers. XML file, but you can use it for any resource. How can i read xml file in qml(javascript)? i dont want to use XmlListModel in qml.Thanks wysota but i have problem with XMLHttpRequest: I have XML file and i want to get an attribute value. After creating the XML file (also called XML document), we will write JavaScript to read and extract data from the file. The HTML DIV element is a lightweight container, so we decided to use a DIV element to display the XML data on our web page. In the section, a very simple XML file is used to demonstrate pulling data from XML into an HTML page using JavaScript to parse (interpret) the XML file.As you might have surmised, because the XML file is part of an object, you can extract it in an array-like fashion. Reading Tag Names. XML JavaScript XMLHttpRequest creating basics Displaying child elements of an xml file Reading and Displaying attribute value. Post Comment This is for short comments only. Use the forum for more discussions. I am using the below code to read one xml file which is located locally. But its not displaying thesorry i cant get u.I have to download anyother file for this?. whats mean by waiting for xmlDoc to