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Car Spec Feature and Review Informastions. Home»newcarpreview2017»KIDNEY ANYONE 46000mi unmolested Mazda RX7 Turbo II Japanese.E46 Diff Oil Change. Lancia History. Hyundai Sonata Sport 2015. Looking to trade my Mazda fc rx7, looking for an s13 or s12. 13b odometer reads 142k but Im not sure on the actual miles. It runs super healthy and doesnt smoke or leak a drop of anything.oil Just changed the diff oil Comes with three sets of drift spares. Engine: RX-7 FC Turbo-2 13B Rotary Engine. Turbo Manifold, with 3" Downpipe and WG Dump Tube.Mazda RX-7 FC 13B Turbo 2 Rotary Engine, For 1968-1973 Nissan/Datsun 510 Swap. CXRacing Rear Sump Oil Pan For. One item to note is the front diff drain plug is very large and after screwing it in all the way it did not move much at the torque phase. Everything went well for me and the smell of 90 weight brought back memories of changing diff oil in LAVs back when I was in The Corp Instructional video on how to change oil on a rotary powered car. 1989 Mazda rx7 turbo ii fc3s s5 true jdm import and has matching and clean jdm VIN numbers and 100 percent street legal.Maintenance: always changed the oil every 2000 miles and premixed using idemitsu 2 stroke oil. Fresh oil change, spark plugs and wires, trans oil, diff oil, new rotors and pads There are two types of 13BT blocks, one from the 87-88 Turbo RX7 (FC3S GTR) and one from the 89-91Most of the changes made by Mazda engineers are refinements to address the problem areas of theThe newer motor surprisingly maintains the same warm-up oil-bypass pellet as the older motors. This is a full guide on how to install an Apexi Power FC in your RX-7 FD.This time were putting new coolant in to the RX-7 and doing an oil change. After adding the new oil, I noticed a difference in how the car now runs. Living The Beard Life Hertrechs V8-Powered FC RX7.

Mike Burroughs. "Diehard rotary guys need to have a chill pill. People swap motors, deal with it."Ive done 2 oil changes, and I guess its about time to do plugs, but I dont ever really have to work on this thing." The external oil cooler was reintroduced, after being dropped in the 1983 model-year for the controversial "beehive" water- oil heat exchanger.The rear seats were optional in some models of the FC RX-7, but are not commonly found in the American Market. change to 3.55 gears and a stiffer rear spring we should net a better result.Engine oil HPR10 10w-50 (full synthetic ) Gearbox oil Pro Gear 80w-140 (full synthetic ) Diff oil 85w-140 (mineral) Brakes Racing Brake Fluid 600Gabis FC Rx7 Build is with Matt Cole and Gabi Roache. testing the waters. i have a 1988 mazda rx7 188km, 5speed, fresh transmission fluid, rear diff oil, engine oil and filter beginning of season car had dual exhaust.

Sep 15 rx7 Fc Sr20det/Ka24de/Ca18det swap kit 800 (tacoma) pic map 40 Sep 15 VERY RARE TOYOTA I recently picked up a rear end comprised of an FC RX7 housing with delrin bushing and a miata 3.9 torsen (from an unknown year).I THINK im looking at a piece of broken axle (and its accompanying clip) sitting inside the diff? Description. Mazda RX 7 FC Spec. The car Is borne race car .Rear axle, Mazda Turbo II , 4.3 Kaaz 1,5 diff. All ball jointed.The car was recently inspected and serviced : new battery, headlight switch, brake light, suspension adjustment,new clutch and oil change. Whether or not you use the same oil for the tranny and diff depends on if you3 of those FCs I still own and still change the oil on a regular basis.Originally Posted by Black Knight RX7 FC3S. Springs As RX-7 weights changed over. the years, Mazda compensated with different spring rates depending on the car, or whether it was, for exam-ple, a 1989 GTU or SE.Thats right, he adds oil to the radiator, not water. This simple change has significantly reduced his cars engine temperature. Turbo Oil Line Kit, Oil Feed and Return For Mazda RX-7 FC 13B Turbo Motor, Stock Turbo (Does NOT Fit FD 13B Engine). This Kit Provides All the Necessary Fittings and Oil Lines to Plumb Oil for Stock Turbo, from Engine Block to Turbo and Back to Oil Pan. Note Kaaz 1.5 Diff. Kaazs pursuit of speed, stability and safety through advanced technology, has led them to develop world beating Limited slip differential products for over 50 makes of car in all forms of motorsport. The 1st generation Rx-7s were produced from 1978 - 1985, the second generation (or FC)Engine oil cooler -. 5-speed manual transmission with overdrive -. Power Plant Frame (PPF) 1990 For 1990, the only change for the RX-7 was the addition of an airbag passive restraint for the Convertible. The second generation RX-7 ("FC", VIN begins JM1FC3 or JMZFC1), still known as the Savanna RX-7 in Japan, featured aMazda also introduced Auto Adjusting Suspension (AAS) in the 2nd generation RX-7. The system changed damping characteristics according to the road and driving conditions. Thinking about selling the FC to move forward with my newly acquired RX-8 swap.Just add your drivetrain, cooling, fuel etc The car has a full interior, T2 rear diff / axles, many new / upgraded parts and a lot of the little misc tasks are This means oil change and rear diff fluid change. A bit of a pain due to location, but quite an easy job. 11300 miles seems a bit early for changing the rear diff fluid. For people that own Acuras with SH AWD is this the usual interval? Precisely why you should just keep getting oil changes from a Dealer or someone who keeps records to prove you changed it until the engine warrantee is expired. Keep a quart of whatever they use to top off every 400 miles. Fc Rx7 Drift - Возможность бесплатно смотреть и скачать сотни тысяч Видео Роликов: Клипы Приколы Драки Аварии Спорт Comedy Трейлеры и многиеToday we take the 100 stock RX7 with an open diff to a drift event! STICKERS shop.gingium.net/ BE MY FRIEND!!!! Subscribe here! The larger pipes, low-restriction mufflers, and tuned resonators of a well-designed performance exhaust system can make a world of difference on your vehicle.Oil Catch Tank. Spark Plug Wires. Radiator. Applications: This covers the FC (second generation) RX-7, as well as first generation RX-7s converted to FC ignitions.This requires considerably fewer changesOil metering pump: S5 RX-7s have a stepper motor driven pump to mix oil with the fuel. The external oil cooler was reintroduced, after being dropped in the 1983 model-year for the controversial "beehive" water- oil heat exchanger.The rear seats were optional in some models of the FC RX-7, but are not commonly found in the American Market. Tags: Gingium Racing Car RX7 fc second generation rotary engine swap N/A 6 port 13b headers exhaust transmission differential bushings solid bushings how to remove remocal complete nardo gray gray.- FC RX7. Throwback | Adrians FC RX-7. By: Shavi Wijegunaratne.Modification List: Powerplant: 13B-RE Full Street Port Rotary aviation super seals Atkins solid corner seals FD oilNow tie rod ends Powered by Max Camber link Powered by Max solid diff mount Greddy front/rear Strut bars Poly Sway bushings. Rear Diff (diff mechanical part) - Diamond Queen LSD oil (no other recommendations?) Rear Diff (torque transfer part) - It looks like any reputable ATF will do asMotuel.anything but mobile 1. well i get free oil changes for life from south coast mitsubishiand of course, they only use oem fluids. Checking the oil: You will see that the diff has two plus. On my vehicles both plugs take a 24mm spanner. It is better to use a socket than spanner.Your vehicles manual will also tell you how often to change the oil. Some guys say as often as 40,000km. Using synthetic oil will destroy your diff. Part Number (per 2.0 Liters). GL-5-80W-90. Turbo Diff Stub Shafts.5) Virtually no change of torque sensing or traction control through differential temperature range. Note- if you have an 86-92 Non-Turbo rear end we KNOW that 86-88 N/A stub axles will work. Im after smooth shifting and long trans/diff life. I just took my RX7 to the dealer for all the recalls and I asked to have the trans and diff oils changed. For the diff they used a 80W-90 gear oil (GL-8945) and a limited slip additive (992694). RX-7 FC3s.Nothing was too much trouble, even dropping the car off late one evening and arranging for a Saturday pick-up. Service, diff and gearbox oil change plus SS brake lines and new discs and pads all round. Radiator mounting needs to change: Shifter needs to extend 3-4 inch. install my shifter extension.

thoroughly clean engine. remove oil pan and bang out the dents (yay shipping).Measurement from tip of output shaft to flange of rx7 T-II LSD Diff was 35 9/16 inch. But basically the FC is the second gen RX-7 and the FD is the third gen RX-7Its two completely diff cars?I had a friend with a FC stock std, changed 3 engines in 3 months Maintanence is faily cheap as the Rotary works best with mineral oil Changing diff oil sucks enough without doing it on the ground in the dead of winter. This Wrench Tip makes changing diff oil suck slightly less than normal. First off, i get 258hp without having changed the oil but this is not a problemIt is a good new work proposed, i like cars that are closer to the reality and i have not been disappointed, this is a good tune and i congratulate you Sir Kenzel !! first, i want a FC rx7, are the NON turbos reliable at all?Boost is a factor that tends to lessen the life ina rotary, but do the regular oil change, spark plugs (i change them every 6 months) and any other stuff and u Brian Davies Wargasm on www.rx7club.com.This subtle difference has confused many new users! The fine folks who write the FC-Edit program may or may not decide to change this in the future, so beware. Turbo Oil Line Kit, Oil Feed and Return For Mazda RX-7 FC 13B Turbo BlackPath - RX-7 Solid Differential Mount Kit Mazda FC Rear Diff Bushings (Black) High Crystalline Delrin.Product Features you change whats included in the kit MAKE SURE IT FITS YOUR CAR IN THE Fresh oil change, spark plugs and wires, trans oil, diff oil, new rotors and pads, new slave master cylinders, little lines and vacuum hoses herenew koyo rad -Bosch 450 internal fuel pump -Apexi power fc ecu and datalogitech tuner (1200). Cooling upgrades are available, including radiators, intercoolers, cooling pipes and oil coolers.Transmission Diff Coolers. Intercooler Piping.RX-7. FC3S. 171 parts Sort by. Most Popular Name Latest Parts Lowest Price Highest Price. 1250 USD. As the damper unit operates the oil contained within heats up. The viscosity of oil changes as its temperature varies which can lead to changes in the damping characteristics of the unit. Firstly is the line of gear diff oil which comes in 4 different types, A, B, C D. This temperature resistant and long lasting oil comes in 50ml bottles. Also new is a multi-gauge for measuring ride-height and downstop settings. Do not starve your engine for fuel! One of the most common maintenance mistakes we all make on our cars is not changing the fuel filter regularly.In addition, Ken Scheepers has relied on Idemitsu oils to keep his RX7.COM sponsored All-Motor engine together. My first oil change for my open wheel rear differential (diff) was way back at 76 000 km (48 000 miles), that was September 2001 - man time flies! The magnet on the drain plug showed the diff was in good health and all was well. so i recently changed the oil on my LSD. The manual i have says that it takes 1.3 Qts but upon reaching that mark, the fluid came nowhere near dripping out of theslushbox is on point. im getting some friction modifier on saturday. my diff does not like that oil at all. Then I had the rear diff oil changed with amsoil sever gear fluid at around 70xxx miles along with the transmission and transfer case fluids. As far as what is involved, I took it to a local performance shop here in Houston. front diff oil change. mansopoor. 12-06-2008, 07:59 AM. i have a 97 blazer 4X4 and i going to change the the oil in the front diff. i went out and bought some gear oil (4lt) and i hope that is going to be enough. if anyone have some info to help me out as i have never done this before, it would e


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