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font-family: arialCSS3 font-weight Specification. Setting Weights And Styles With The font-face Declaration, article on why using the same font-face family with different weights is better than using a different name for the bold face. Arial Arial Bold Italic Arial Italic.Purchase Download Microsoft fonts for personal, professional or business use on workstations. License Microsoft fonts for use with CSS font-face rule in websites. If one of the other values is missing, their default value are used. Note: The line-height property sets the space between lines.CSS1. JavaScript syntax: object.style.font"italic small-caps bold 12px arial,sans-serif" Try it. Browser Support. The font-face CSS tag allows web designers and developers to specify custom fonts to display text on their web pages.Example without Bold Italic Support. Usage. Once youve added font-face to your CSS file, you can freely reference the font to your hearts content. Apart from fonts, you can also apply various text styles, such as italic, bold, and underline, on a document using a Cascading Style Sheet (CSS).Some of the fonts that are included in this family are Microsoft Sans Serif, Verdana, Tahoma, Arial, Trebuchet MS, Arial Black, Lucida Sans Unicode In Use. body font: italic small-caps normal 13px/150 Arial, Helvetica, sans-serifSince you are setting those values to normal anyway, why not just use font: 13px/19px sans-serifThe CSS property font-stretch was initially defined in CSS 2, but dropped in CSS 2.1 due to lack of One font-weight darker than its parent element p font: bolder 12px "Courier New", Courier, monospaceIn this CSS font example, we have set the font-size to 16px.

We have set the font-family in the

tag to first Arial. If Arial is not available, the browser will try Helvetica. font-face font-family: Arial src: local(Arial) font-weight: normal Now, whenever Arial is set as the font for an element and the calculated font weight is bold (which is what user agents set for the string tag in their html.css definitions), Arial Black is used instead. Save Heading Setting. HTML: CSS: .

class font-family: Arial Bold .Another sub heading in Arial Bold. Make other Arial Bold text stand out! The setting for a paragraph continues down here. Can I somehow make the font-style: bold condensed in css, or basically any other method w/o turning the title into an image file?You might try using "Arial Narrow" and adjusting the letter-spacing and word-spacing HTML CSS TUTORIALS » Table Style » table ». Make table font bold.Set table width, margin and text align. Set table border to collapse, 1px solid black. CSS Example: The font properties are set by specifying all 6 values, only specifying size and a generic font family, and using the keyword caption to specify a system font. tst1 font: italic small-caps bold 20px/1.5 Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif tst2 font: large serif tst3 font: caption HTML tag is deprecated in version 4.0 onwards and now all fonts are set by using CSS.Font Arial Arial Bold Italic Comic Sans MS Bold Courier New Italic Georgia Bold Impact. The font CSS property is either a shorthand property for setting font- style, font-variant, font-weight, font-size, line-heightCSS Content. body, input font: 14px arial overflow: hiddenfont-weight: the keyword or the numerical value as specified, with bolder and lighter transformed to the real value. The CSS font property allows us to set all of the previous properties in one line. We also have the option to specify the line height.p font: italic small-caps bold 1.2em/1.4em arial . Note the size/line-height properties. .BlogHeader font-size: 14px font-family: Verdana, Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif font-weight: bold color: 333333 .BlogFooter font-size: 10px font-family: Verdana, ArialUser login. Log in using OpenID: What is OpenID? Welcome to CSS Creator, register to join our community. Username The CSS provided in every kit uses a unique font-family name for each weight and style, and setsThe classes are styled like so: .u400 font-family: UbuntuRegular, arial, sans-serif font-weightFor example, lets say we incorrectly set the font-style to italic and the font-weight to 700 (bold) in our Use Arial Bold as a free web font using the CSS3 font-face on your website using the code below.style>. Alternatively, Copy Paste this code into the head section on your website before the tag. Set cellpadding and cellspacing in CSS? How do I give text or an image a transparent background using CSS?But when I tried helvetica, arial, sans-serif then I noticed that I bold and un- bold is not working properly with this font whereas I use arial, helvetica, sans-serif this then its working fine. note If I try to use the arial-bold font I get the following error: Pango-WARNING : couldnt load font arial-bold, Not-Rot. How can I use rounded borders with CSS?I would also set it in font-weight: bold for a more accurate match. e.g. font: Arial 17px bold italic. The font properties can be set in a single style declaration, by specifying the attributes in the following order. The other method of grouping, is to Css font-family arial light.The fourth rule sets the font-weight to bold, the font-style to italic and implicitly sets font-variant to normal. System fonts may only be set as a whole that is, the font family, size, weight, style, etc. are all set at the same time.


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