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Fixing iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus Stuck on Apple Logo by using iTunes.After a keen follow-up of these steps, you will not be doubtful on how to ever fix your Apple iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus stuck on Apple Logo. If your iphone 7 / iphone 7 plus is stuck on apple logo your going to want to. 1. Try doing the first method where you hold down on the home button and volume button for a good 10-20 seconds. I was restoring my iPhone and on my computer there showed an information that I have to wait a few seconds and my phone will start working again. There appeared that Apple logo on my phone and its stuck. what should I do? Please help! My iPhone 6 got stuck on apple logo during iOS 10 upgrade process. I tried restoring it with iTunes but it just got stuck again. Help please! I have been searching the solutions of fixing iPhone stuck at Apple logo in the whole past week, and I finally got my iPhone out of Apple logo reboot loop without restoring or any data loss. In this article, Ill introduce all the information I found about iPod I didnt know that attempting to install the latest iOS 11 would make my iPhone stuck on Apple logo. This is really saddening. I use iPhone 6s, could anyone please explain me the solution? Why would my iPhone/iPad stuck on Apple Logo?. That will be the question possibly rounding in your mind.That is not only a case but there are few other instances when your iPhone or iPad gets stuck on Apple Logo Screen. Apple fans all around the world, one time or the other will have to face this annoying issue of getting their iPhone stuck on Apple logo.Part 1: Reasons Causing iPhone Stuck on the Apple logo Screen.

Rarely, the iPhone may get stuck on the Apple logo screen. This usually happens after a software update or a crash, and its fairly obvious because the Apple logo appears against an otherwise black display and that is all you see on the iPhone just the Apple logo stuck on the screen and the rest Some people are still finding trouble with the upgrade and their iPhones are being left stuck on the Apple Logo Screen or even a completely blank screen, with no sign of life. Image : iPhone Stuck on Apple Logo. Stuck on Apple Logo! Keeps Restarting! Charging Problem! Is your iPhone 7 frozen? Screen wont turn on? wont charge? stuck at loading? Dont worry! we are going to share solutions for the issues. HI, I HAD AN IPHONE 7 FOR SCREEN REPLACEMENT, after diconnecting battery, i removed old screen and put new screen for testing and it got stuck on apple logo, tried putting back old screen, but its still stuck on apple logo, is When your iPhone gets stuck at the Apple logo and does not update or some other recovery mode problems, it activates a mini heart-attack. But its not all that serious and can be fixed without any difficulty. Hi, I had the same problem with the iPhone 7 being stuck in the Apple logo, and I followed these steps, but my iTunes is not able to access the phone because it has a passcode, and I cant enter the passcode because the screen is stuck in the logo. Fix iPhone Stuck At Apple Boot Logo Loop After iOS 7 — Stuck at Apple boot logo loop after evasi0n iOS 7 jailbreak? Heres how to fix this issue on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch. Most of the time this iPhone Stuck at Apple Logo problem comes when you or someone else tries to jailbreak your phone. What is jail-breaking? It is when you free your phone from the limitations of the operating system present. So, how to fix iPhone stuck at Apple Logo? iPhone Data Recovery, which is designed for recovering data from iPhone, can also repair troublesome iOS system, for example, iPhone stuck at Apple logo, restarting loop or recovery mode. I am an Apple tech and thus deal with hundreds of iPhones every day.

iPhones get stuck on the Apple logo for a number of reasons. And if you know this reason, it will help you in avoiding it from happening again. Most iPhone users would like to update their iPhone to the new iOS 7. The problem is that occasionally iPhone stuck at Apple logo or continually turns on and off but wont boot up to the home screen through the iOS upgrade process after the jailbreaking. Your iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo because something went wrong during its startup routine. Unlike a person, your iPhone cant ask for help, so it just stops. There are several reasons of the iPhone getting stuck on the Apple logo weve listed the most common causes of the same Fix iphone 6s stuck in apple logo fix iphone stuck in apple logo iphone 6s led red itunes logo ipad.Iphone 7 Is Stuck On The Apple Logo Here S How To Fix Problem -> Source. Apple iPhone is an expensive, precious device one would never want to loose, and sometimes this misfortune does hit some people. Many people complain that there iPhone stuck on Apple Logo without knowing the proper reason behind it. I decided to restart the phone to see if it would fix it, and then the phone got stuck on the Apple logo trying to boot.The phone is an iPhone 7 running iOS 11.2.6, and it has never been jailbroken and Ive never had similar issues with it before. iPhone Stuck with Apple Logo? Go into Recovery Mode. The best option, when faced with this issue, is to put your iPhone 7 into recovery mode.Recovery mode is where something has gone wrong with the software on your iPhone, so it cant be used. An iPhone expert explains why your iPhone 7 is stuck on the apple logo and shows how to fix the problem using an easy-to-understand guide.

The same thing can be said about when the iPhone gets stuck on the apple logo.If you are looking for best iphone hd wallpapers then we have the best collections of it. Being a precious and expensive device, people are quite careful in not losing their precious information, however To your dismay, the Apple logo then disappears again only to reappear shortly thereafter. You shake the iPhone a little, hoping that it will get the message that it better shape up, but it just keeps alternating between a black screen and that same darn Apple logo! Your iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo, and you have no idea why. There could be quite a few reasons as to why this may be such as trying to Jailbreak your iPhone, Expired beta version for iOS, or Though, there are some common problems in iPhone which is iPhone stuck on Apple logo. In this problem, you will face a bootloop in your iPhone and your iPhone will simply stuck at Apple Logo. iPhone 7 Stuck on Apple Logo, Best Three Solutions for You! Mechelle December 18, 2017, | Follow Us Now. For iOS users, it is uncommon to see that you iPhone often stuck on Apple logo. Fix iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus Stuck on White Apple Logo Using DFU Mode. Since the physical Home button on iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus models has been replaced by a virtual Home button, the steps to enter DFU mode on these models of iPhone are a bit different. iPhone 7/ iPhone 7 Plus Stuck on Apple logo with Progress Bar: Fixed.My iPhone Wont Charge After Update. iPhone Apps Crashing. Mail App Problems and issues Fixed [iOS 11]. "My iPhone recently stopped turning on. Ive tried connecting it to iTunes, and holding the power and home button, it still doesnt work. All it does is showing the white Apple logo, why is my iPhone stuck on the Apple logo and how to fix this problem?". Is your iPhone stuck on apple logo? You go to turn on your iPhone 7, but its been stuck on the Apple logo for longer than usual. No, your iPhone 7 isnt just taking a long time to turn on — its actually frozen! Hardware problems can also cause your iPhone to get stuck on the Apple logo.Reboot your iPhone. If the phone has been stuck on the Apple logo screen for a few minutes with no change, force a reboot. Is your iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or iPhone X stuck on Apple logo without restoring?This method is quite effective if the "iPhone 8/iPhone X stuck on Apple logo" issue is caused by a corrupted operating system. So, being a father it didnt take long for my iPhone 6s to become filled with photos of my children when I purchased it in January of last year.Unfortunately, it didnt. What I was presented with upon restart was the Apple logo, frozen. Then release power BUT keep holding home until iTunes detect the iPhone. Then you can restore. NOTE: For iPhone 7 and later, hold Volume down instead of Home button.What should I do if my iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo? Does a full storage iPhone cause a stuck white Apple logo? iPhone is stuck on apple logo with restore error 9 or error 4013? We can help at iPhone repair 4 less in Lafayette la.1 The main reason for iPhones being stuck on the Apple logo is because of lack of storage. Or even those iPhone users whore just updating or restoring their iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus they also face this Stuck Apple Logo Problem.Step by Step Guide to fix iPhone 7 Stuck on Apple Logo If you had troubles ing your iphone ipad or ipod touch like stuck on apple logo iphone stuck on apple logo fix by dfu mode method 2 put device into recovery mode check device info. Do this until the apple logo shows up and then displays the iTunes recovery logo. Then do an update via iTunes and it should fix the problem. I had an iPad yesterday that did the exact same thing. "Hello, I just rebooted my iPhone 7 deice, everything looks fine while initializing, but I saw it got stuck at the Apple logo, I tried to reset my device, plug it to iTunes and nothing works, still stuck at Apple logo.- Jacy, from USA. If your iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo, there must be some problem I was able to avoid resetting my iPhone 5S when it was stuck on the Apple logo after I updated three jailbreak packages. Everything works in the Safe Mode except for the jailbreak packages. Way 1: Restart iPhone to Fix iPhone Stuck at Apple Logo Screen. Rebooting iPhone is the basic troubleshooting step to most iPhone problems, including iPhone wont connect to WiFi, iPhone stuck on verifying update, etc. If your iPhone is stuck on the Apple logo during startup and cant continue past it to the home screen, you may think your iPhone is ruined. Thats not necessarily the case. Here are a number of steps you can take to get your iPhone out of a startup loop. Part 1: Reasons Causing iPhone Stuck on the Apple logo Screen.These are some of the most common instances where you suddenly notice your iPhone stuck on Apple logo. 4. Once the iOS firmware package is downloaded, click Start Repair and wait for the repairing process done, you will be able to reboot the device and get rid of iPhone stuck in Apple logo iOS 11. Hope you can find a handy solution here. When your iPhone gets stuck at the Apple logo and does not boot up completely, it triggers a mini heart-attack. But its not all that serious and can be fixed without any difficulty.


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