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The above command makes Windows to shutdown completely. If you want to perform a system restart after fully shutting down Windows 8 (so Windows will be reinitialized upon boot) use the following command T400 takes long to shutdown - Lenovo Community - Lenovo Forums.Jun 28, 2012 - If your computer takes a long time to boot up or shut down , you can use Here are 10 things to look forward to Why Windows 10 fired Mr. Fix It. I thus decided to reenable clearing of the page file and reduced the size of the page file to about 5 GB (oddly enough, 4853 MB was the size that Windows recommended, even though the "System managed" size was around 20 GB). After doing this, the shut-down time clocked in at 41 seconds. Microsofts new version of Windows, i.e Windows 8.1, offers a variety of ways for you to shut down the OS. In fact, we have come across 6 of them: 1. The easiest method to shut down Windows 8.1 is through the newly bought back Start button. Create quick shortcuts for shutting down and restarting Windows 8.1 or Windows 8. Heres a step-by-step guide on how to shut down quickly.After installing the "shutdown" and "restart" buttons as per your instructions, my windows 8.1 takes 4 times longer to boot up. This is the "original" Windows 8 shutdown method. It should come as no surprise why people asked for a way to shut down Windows 8 that took fewer steps.Will Windows 8 Shut Down If I Close My Laptop Lid, Press the Power Button, or Leave It Alone Long Enough? Since updating to Fall Update my pc is taking too long to shutdown.Sometimes i see shutdown spinning dots icon for ages pc monitor,keyboard is shutdown ok but pc power button is still on.Add Shut down Context Menu in Windows 10. My Windows7 take so long time to shut down when i trying to shut it down after i open my laptop for a long time.Thread.

Forum. Lenovo E560 Takes Long Time to shut down or restart So the computer I have right now takes at least 3-7 minutes to do a shut down. My laptop, Acer Aspire E15 takes a long time to shut down. I have Windows 8.1.When an application fails to respond during shutdown a dialog box is displayed prompting the user to either end it now or to wait. Windows 8.1 provides a number of options for shutting itself down.Click on Shut down to exit Windows. If youre at the desktop, you can easily shut down by holding down the Alt key and pressing F4. After installing Windows 8/8.

1 on the computer, many users may not know how to make basic operations including restart, sleep, shut down and sign out, because the start menu of Windows 8 is very different from that of Windows 7 or Windows XP. If shutting down still takes a long time, perform a clean boot by disabling all services and startup processes. Press the Windows key, type msconfig (without quotes) and press Enter. Disable Load Startup Items, click Apply and select the Services tab. Share. Tweet. Share. Share. Email. Comments. There are several ways to restart, hibernate, sleep, or shutdown Windows 8, but none of them are exactly intuitive. Microsoft has brought back the Start button in Windows 8.1, now in public preview, and it allows shutting down your computer much easier. First of all I dont know what to choose in the "Forum" xD -/-. I recently used windows 8.1 but I see that it takes more than 10 mins to Shutdown/Restart and it really annoying me , How to solve that ? This time my PC seems to have shut down problems with Windows 8.1.This happened twice continuously and that is when I decided to take a look into this problem. After some searching online, it is clear that Win 8 and 8.1 do have some issues with shutdown. Whenever your Windows 8 takes too long to boot up, you can try to use the system troubleshooting feature to fix it manually.Select General and then scroll down until you see Remove everything and reinstall WindowsPart 2: Ultimate Solution to Fix Windows 8 Slow Startup and Shutdown. Microsoft-Windows-Unified-Telemetry-Client files corrupted - MicrosoftUnfortunately, there are, as yet, no successful solutions. I will take your advice reThe first time I tried to shut down, the process ran perfectly (with status messages showing no errors). Windows 8 is awkward to shut down, but its easy in Windows 8.1 Update. Its easier still if you use your computers power button.

Comments. Guest - 12:33 30-03-2015. What if your computer takes very long time to shut down or does not shut down at all We originally offered up a solution that allows you to quickly shut down your Windows 8 computer in one step but with the upcoming release of Windows 8.1, this process will no longer be necessary but you can still use it if you prefer. Fix Windows 10 Shut down Problems - Howtosolveit - Duration: 3:43.Windows 7 taking too long to restart or shutdown - Duration: 4:16. Kodemore TechTips 62,713 views. In Windows 8.1, shut down and restart will be added to this menu, so that you no longer have to go through the multi-click rigmarole of using the Charms menu. Left clicking the Windows 8.1 Start button still takes you to the Metro interface. nsane.down.Anyone know help me? Windows 8.1 this takes a long time to shutdown, what can be? Sorry for the english. Share this post. This is achieved by saving some configuration file before previous shutdown. While reboot doesnt follow this method, it properly shuts down the computer and boots again.How long does it take to update Windows 8.1? Feb 21, 2016 Original title: Windows 10 Hi, After upgrading to Windows 10, i noticed that my PC boots up in seconds, but takes an unusually long time to shut down. I am using a Location: Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands. Friday, January 31, 2014. Windows 8.1 Fix for Slow Shutdown and Restart.Even on a fast i7 machine, shut-down and restart times are long - taking approximately 3 to 4 minutes. Some readers have reported as long as 6 and 7 minutes. do i clean a internal hard drive with corrupted data ,alright so i had downloaded the windows 10 preview on it , everything was working fine for weeks , the computer randomly starts acting funny i restart it and it takes forever to load and then just goes blank. How to Shut Down Windows 8. Three Methods:Using the Charms Bar Using the Windows Button Using Your Computers Power Button Community QA. Microsoft redesigned the Windows user interface with Windows 8, and the shut down command is not where it once was. The system will take a few minutes to add these new locations to its index. More: Windows 8.1 Search Not Finding Your Files?Like Windows 8, the new OS has SmartScreen Filter, the digital equivalent of a nun with a really longMore: How to Shut Down Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 In Just One Click. Reboot shuts Windows down (but not the computer) and starts it again.As long as they sit there running with the internals powered on and warmed up all is good. But, when you shut them down by turning the power off, things go cold almost instantaneously. If on your system, Windows 7 taking long time to shut down and youre getting irritated with this problem, then the fix is here. Windows 8.1 and Windows 8 shut down and turn off immediately after starting Windows 8/8.1 computer. So lets fix this problem. When you just open the screen and start your PC and it just goes off within a moment just gives us a huge tension. windows 8 pro 64bit take long time to shutdown after update 2012-06-28. dear support, i have a problem in shutting down my asus a43s after updating on April, 17th. Now it takes more than 2 minutes to shutdown. How to shut down Windows 8.1. Windows 8.1 provides a number of options for shutting itself down.Click on the command to Shut down or sign out. A submenu appears with such options as Sign out, Sleep, Shut down, and Restart. When you first use Windows 8 or Windows 8.1, you will have a hard time figuring out how to shut down or restart your computer. Only Windows 8.1 Update improves the situation and offers an intuitive and in your face" menu for shutting down your device. Windows 10 Tip: Ask Cortana to shut down, restart or sleep your PC.There is a difference, but I dont know the exact details. A restart is a proper Windows reboot, and takes longer to get Windows 8 up and running. Well, at first it shuts down and restarts properly. But later it took forever for the system to shutdown fully.After I have successfully upgraded to Windows 8.1 and installed all the necessary drivers, I tried to shut it down. To my surprise, the freshly installed system is also suffering from long If you have a brand new 3 - 4 months old computer which runs a lot faster and turn on very fast within few seconds but extremely slow to shut down that would be the most frustrating situation because every time you want to restart the computer after making any changes to it or lets say you have made I have read that Windows 8 and beyond doesnt do a true shut down, it caches certain aspects of the session so that startup times are faster.Aside from System 4 my next thing taking a long time to shut down was Avast! antivirus. Windows 8 which I installed recently (from factory recovery image) suddenly now takes too long to shutdown.I can shut my laptop down when signing into the windows media centre. When I choose shutdown from the power button on the screen it only goes into sleep mode. Shutting down is a complex process and much can go wrong. If your Windows 7, 8.1, or 10 gets stuck, check out our troubleshooting tips.The result is a system that never actually shuts down, or takes an extremely long time to do so. Windows Defender on-demand scan in Windows 8, 8.1 and 10. Microsoft Security Essentials.Degradation Time displays how much longer than usual it took the application to start or shut down. Incident Time reveals the exact date and time when this event was recorded. Now we take a look at yet another one that has been recently fixed by Microsoft. As you can see in the above screenshot, the problem is described like this device takes a long time to hibernate or shut down after you plug in an SD card in Windows 8.1. My Windows 8.1 is taking too long to shutdown and I am unable to figure out why.My computer doesnt even boot and theres you complaining about your pc shutting down too slow. First world problems. Search the whole site. Windows 8.1.Then after unchecking that my laptop boot-up great and now it take too long to shutdown.See the second post down by one of our forum moderators on how to fix that problem: http I have a Dell XPS 8700 Desktop, has 8GB of RAM and a 1TB hard drive, running Windows 8.1 which I had installed the day it came outthe PC I purchased in September 2013for the past few weeks I have noticed how when I shut down the pc that it can take up to 4 minutes to shut. solved Very long long time to boot windows 8.1.I updated my windows 8 last night to 8.1 my PC became very slow its takes for ever to boot up and to shut down every. Very slow boot time on an SSD ( Windows 10). Windows 8 made it more cumbersome for PC users to shut down the PC by increasing the number of clicks it takes using the mouse and keyboard.However the default action in that dialog is no longer changeable from the Taskbar Properties in Windows 8 because of Start Menu settings going away. Follow these instructions to learn how to shut down your Windows 8.1 computerThis just takes you back to the Start Screen. Devices. Use this charm when you want to print an email that is open in the Mail app or a web page open in Internet Explorer. I only recently upgraded to Windows 10 and this is when the shut down issue started showing up.So a brute force Shutdown through MS Dos shutdown command works but a regular system shutdown takes a long time. If you choose the Shut down command, note that it may take a few moments before Windows 8.1 will shut down entirely, so be patient.How to Shut Down Windows 8.1: Instructions. Do not simply unplug the computer or interrupt its power source!


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