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Tags: jquery dynamic-data image.If the src itself however is changed dynamically your best bet would to just get the src attribute from the element. If by chance what you actually are looking for is a way to programatically find a way to know if you are offline or online, you could try to get the alt How do you set the image src using jQuery? Update Cancel.I havent updated myself with the latest version of JQuery . In old version id. < img idsomeimage src /> (if this is your image tag). Tags: javascript jquery.(sortable).find(img[src"/test1.jpg"]). EDIT:The difference may have something to do with the method of getting the attribute value that jQuery uses at different times. Discussion in jQuery started by pnsrinivasreddy, Aug 29, 2012.Instead of getting entire html you can get the src and append img tag later. var imagesArray ("result"). find("img").map(function() . I am parsing a html string fragment and changing the src attribute of image tags. (i.e. replacing paths that start with ""but it is not working can anyone tell me what is going wrong ? Dont mess up pure JS DOM and Jquery. How can I find the img tag and replace it with the span tag using jQuery?