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CSS Almanac » Properties » B » background-position.Its interesting to note that it doesnt matter what order you use for the keywords: top center is the same as center top. You can only do this if youre exclusively using keywords, though. center 10 is not the same as 10 center. CSS background-position - CSS property for positioning a background image.Computes to 0 for the horizontal position if one or two values are given, otherwise specifies the left edge as the origin for the next offset. center. Hi all, Okay, so Ive got a page with a central column which has a drop-shadow and a background image The obvious problem is that the repeated backg.background-position: center background-attachment: fixedstyle type"text/css"> body background-image: url("/images/image.gif") background-repeat: no-repeat background-attachment: fixedOther values besides center can be used with background-position. top right, center left, bottom center, etc. x y- Sets the relative postion of main width: 100 height: 100 background: url(/images/bg10.jpg) no-repeat background-attachment: fixed background-position: center centerHow do I vertically center text with CSS? 233. CSS background image to fit width, height should auto-scale in proportion. We will discuss the background-position property below, exploring examples of how to use this property in CSS. Using Fixed.Lets look at a CSS background-position example where we use a keyword value (ie: center, top, bottom, left, right). The background-position CSS property sets the initial position, relative to the background position layer defined by background-origin, for each defined background image. 24 Apr 2012. The common approach is width:100px left:50 margin-left:-50px which is simple but will only work with fixed width. Here is how to do it in a more flexible way.

Compatibility table for support of background-position-x background- position-y in desktop and mobile browsers.CSS longhand properties to define x or y positions separately. Learn how to use negative offset position with CSS background images, useful for right and bottom corners outside the container.It helps you to avoid absolute positioning and extra css code that saves file size. The fixed CSS background has a white line on the left.CSS background-position does not apply to my class.

Here is my CSS: .header background-image:url(Images/head.png) background-position: center top background-repeat:no-repeat width:1010px height:269px This 28 comments on CSS background-size:cover doesnt like fixed positioning. David June 6th, 2013 at 9:03 pm.Hi ray, I had the same problem. Heres how I fixed it. background- position: center bottom !important background-position: center centerThe equivalent shorthand CSS notation for the above is: body background: url( background-photo.jpg) center center cover no-repeat fixed Tweet. Share. Tweet. Share. The background-position property sets the starting position of a background image. Inherited: No. Example. 1 2 3 4 5. Body background-image: url(stars.gif) background-repeat: no-repeat background-position: top left . The background-attachment property in CSS specifies how to move the background relative to the viewport. There are three values: scroll, fixedI am trying to fix a div so it always sticks to the top of the screen, using: position: fixed top: 0px right: 0px However, the div is inside a centered container. CSS background-position. March 3, 2014Jose Vargas.Keywords are valid as well: left, center, right and top, center, bottom. Changing the position will reveal other parts of the sprite. Positioning a Fixed Background. Demo. div width: 100 height: 90vh background-repeat: no-repeat background-position: center center background-size: cover background-attachment: fixedOtherwise, you can create separate classes with background images in the CSS file.

CSS background-position Property. Description. The background-position property sets the initial position, relative to the background position layer defined by background-origin for each defined background image. Offset a background image from the right using CSS16 answers.in your css mention position right then "spacing value(50px)" then other position(center/top). body background-image: url(w3css.gif) background-repeat: no-repeat background-attachment: fixed background-position: centerExample. How to position a background-image to be centered at topno-repeat top left background: ff0000 url(background.jpg) no-repeat bottom right background: ff0000 url(background.jpg) no-repeat fixed center GO to: Page 1 : How to position background image using CSS. TechTut.com This tutorial is copyrighted. Partial duplication or full duplication is background-image:url(bgimage.gif) background-repeat:no-repeat background-attachment:fixed background-position:centerThis example demonstrates how to position a background image using a pixel on the page. Related Pages. CSS tutorial: CSS background. If you think gradient backgrounds are too cliche, maybe a fixed position background would work for you?Reverse Element Order with CSS Flexbox. JavaScript Copy to Clipboard. Popular Topics.body background:url(your image.jpg) top center no-repeat background -attachment:fixed The background-position property specifies its initial position. Typically, the values of this property are specified two values. The first value represents the horizontal position and the second represents the vertical position. If only one value is specified, the second value is assumed to be center. body background-image: url(smiley.gif) background-repeat: no-repeat background-attachment: fixed background-position: centerNote: IE8 and earlier do not support multiple background images on one element. CSS Syntax. background-position: value CSS Background Position. How to set the background in the center of the page?This tag sets the position of the background image. This will be more effective, if repeat type has been set as "no-repeat". This page shows examples for background-position css property. It uses the center center fixed as the value for background-position. background-position: center background-size: cover background-repeat: no-repeat background-attachment: fixedStretch and scale CSS background. Convert HTML CSS to PDF with PHP? When to use IMG vs. CSS background-image? How do I give text or an image a CSS background-position Property. Complete CSS Reference. Definition.Note: For this to work in Mozilla, the background-attachment property must be set to " fixed".Scripting Syntax: object.style.backgroundPosition"bottom center". In our HTML DOM tutorial you can find more A description of the background-position property of Cascading Style Sheets, level 1.Horizontal keywords (left, center, right). Vertical keywords (top, center, bottom). CSS background-position - CSS Tutorials for beginners to advanced developers Learning Cascading Style Sheet in simple and easy steps with examples.center. bottom. background-attachment: fixedbackground-position: center : background attachment « CSS « HTML / CSS.Use background-attachment:fixed to prevent the image from scrolling. 4. Backgrounds in CSS. The CSS properties that allow you to style the background of an element with colors and images.Hello world. background-attachment: fixedbackground-position: center center 3 Example with center, center combination. 4 Example with horizontal and vertical in pixels. 5 Related. CSS background position property.Note that you must set background-attachment as fixed for this to work in Firefox and Opera. A length value gives a fixed length as the offset.CSS 3. Examples. p background-image: url("logo.png") background- position: center center background-repeat: no-repeat How do I get a fixed, centered background image without using CSS?How To Position An Image In HTML/CSS? Non-fixed image positioned anywhere on page with html? The CSS background-position-x property is used, if a background-image is specified, to specify the initial position on the X-axis of the background image specified in the browser window if it is not continuously tiled in the elements rendering box. CSS background image centered and div elements position based on percentage relative to main bg image.Center a column using Twitter Bootstrap 3. 0. CSS position:fixed is working for the header but not for the footer. CSS background-position Property - Usage, Examples, and Testing for CSS 2.1.selector background-position: value1 value2 value1 is specified by using a percentage, length, or one of the following keywords: left, center, or right. Help Center Detailed answers to any questions you might have. Meta Discuss the workings and policies of this site.Id like to make my CSS3 background gradient fixed.Make the div flood the screen by setting width and height to 100, and fix it by using position: fixed. The easiest way to assign a background position is with keywords: Horizontal keywords (left, center, right).Related Keywords [ CSS : CSS Tutorials : CSS Help : CSS Reference : Cascading Style Sheets ]. In our last article on Cascading Style Sheets, we discussed applying color with CSS. In this article, we will discuss how to apply CSS background properties and how to use images as backgrounds.Of course, you can use the keywords, left, center, and right, to position the image. Heres my css for the background: background position:fixed top:0 left:0 width:100 height:100 background: url(/Images/Abouton the body Can you try with this solution if you like: background: url(img/aurora.png) no-repeat center center fixed -webkit-background-size: cover The background-position property specifies the position of a background image.Horizontal position. left. center. right. Vertical position. top. center. CSS Background Position - How to Center a Background Image in Dreamweaver - Duration: 3:50. on 61,300 views.css fixed background image - Duration: 3:07. Background Position Specify position of background image. <.background-position: center center, 20 80, top left, bottom right background-origin: border-box, content-box background-repeat: no-repeatNote that there is only one viewport per view. Even if an element has a scrolling mechanism (see the overflow property [ CSS2]), a fixed background .element background: fixed The above declaration is equivalent to the following.element background-image: url(a.png), url(b.png), url(c.png) background-position: top left, center, top left background-repeat: no-repeatFurther Reading. CSS Backgrounds and Borders Module Level 3. in your css mention position right then "spacing value(50px)" then other position(center/top).RecommendHow can I set fixed position Background image in jquery mobile for iPhone app using Phonegap. How to create alternate fixed and scroll backgrounds with no javascript, but just the help of the CSS background-attachment property set on Fixed.background-repeat: no-repeat background-position: center center


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