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HTML Disabled or ReadOnly? readonly. JavaScript checkbox onclick examples.You can invoke methods as follows: Is it possible, using thin client technology to create a standard html checkbox readonly, not disabled - just read only. 2 Can Html Checkboxes Be Set To I thought they could be, but as Im not putting my money where my mouth was (so to speak) setting the readonly attribute doesnt actually seem to do anything.5 Handling Checkboxes Onclick With JavaScript checkbox onclick examples. javascript readonly checkboxes. js make checkbox readonly.An HTML form is a section of a document containing normal content, markup, special elements called controls ( checkboxes, radio buttons. Web Development, Software Development. HTML set checkbox as readonly.For HTML text input and textarea controls, we can add readonly attribute to disallow users to modify their value, but this attribute will not work for checkbox control. On a webpage, I have a checkbox called "chkNEFUN" thats sometimes readonly and I wanted to interrogate its value when the page is submitted. When the check box is read only I found that referencing this object like so Prevent changing checkbox value. How to protect user to clear checkbox using javascript? Properties of checkboxes. How to detect .click() on disabled checkbox. Related Articles. 1. Can HTML checkboxes be set to readonly? Here is my Java script,