bootstrap navbar collapse not working ipad





Having the jQuery version set to 1.7, the only strange behavior I have encountered so far in Bootstrap theme is the navbar collapse button which it is not working. In this case, more practical to set the jQuery version to I am trying to get my bootstrap navigation bar to collapse when the div. navbar-right portion of the navbar cannot fit a side the brand (left side) of the navigation bar well at a lower resolution (mainly for mobile devices such as iPhones, iPad, etc.). Use the following code to disable the navbar collapse in Twitters Bootstrap version 3.3.4 ul. margin: 0 padding: 0 .navbar-nav .no-collapse>li Home Forums Frameworks Twitter Bootstrap Twitter-Bootstrap [SOLVED]: Bootstrap 4 Beta 2 navbar: align right no collapse.Makes me wonder if I really need to use navbar, but here is my code that worked in alpha-6, in beta-2 the buttons do not stretch to the right, how can I accomplish Bootstrap navbar doesnt collapse on phone.

Make Bootstrap static- navbar overlay content like fixed-navbar.10. Bootstrap scrollspy not working doesnt highlight at all. Related Articles. 11. Drag Drop not working properly on Retina iPad (createjs). button type"button" class"navbar-toggle collapsed" data-toggle" collapse" data-target"navbar" aria-expanded"false" aria-controls"navbar">.1bootstrap Navbar not working with bootstrap 4.0.0-alpha.2 and also scroll spy. 1How do I prevent random jquery toggle? Had they used navbar-inverse from the start, it would work as expected. Otherwise, the Bootstrap JQuery code is complete. Nancy O.In your case this should become:

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