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Just received an email from eBay saying that they have concerns about my selling activity and that my selling privileges have been indefinitely restricted.I hope eBay will be able to reopen your account. Im sorry you have to go through this hassle. Once a seller has been selling activity for more than 90 days, and has sold multiple items in the category, and has a proven track record of providing excellent customer service and following eBays rules and policies, these limits will be removed from the sellers account. But sometimes restrictions are due to what eBay considers suspicious activity by a particular seller, such a sudden change in selling practices.So what should you do if your account has been restricted? Be Patient. Wait the restriction out patiently. Accordingly, your account will be suspended indefinitely until valid information can be provided.Due to the suspension of this account, please be advised you are prohibited from using eBay in any way including registering a new This is great until you get thousands of "Item Listed" email notifications from eBay. The default is one email per new listing. Steps to Turn off notifications.Improve selling performance to remove limits. Selling account restricted indefinitely. The question I have to ask is should I sell 25 items per month(I have at least 500 items to sell) or leave it for 3What have you done to get restricted indefinitely in the first place?I tried to ask for advice on Ebay but because I seeminly hijacked an account I didnt receive the advice that I wanted. yers all my listings were removed last night. and have been restricted indefinitely with a email stating this.Unfortunately, because your seller performance is below standard under the eBay.

co.uk seller performance standards programme, your selling account has been restricted. I know it doesnt matter anymore since you are permanently banned from selling on any ebay account but you should have been registered as a business3) this community support board is anything but supportive. With EBay charging fees for postage and all the sellers being restricted or banned, one Now Ebay was restrict my selling account. But Im not done any risky thing. eBay was saying im done risky things. I cant.Somehow, someway you have been targeted by ebay for activity they have concerns about. Is your account just restricted temporarilyor permanently. If you have a selling restriction for almost any reason, eBay does not allow you to create another account to circumvent your selling restriction.This usually indicates that both accounts belong to the same person. Because the other account is restricted or otherwise not meeting minimum seller Sellers who sell such items on ebay are flourishing, because they have endless supplies and make ebay the most money, whilst still giving the impression of new, brand name merchandise. I wouldnt even worry about improving your DSR, its a joke.

My sisters eBay seller account was indefinitely restricted. I created this lens for other eBay sellers who have questions about eBay selling restrictions. I heard some people asked READ ALL Received a MC999 eBay notice from ebay saying my account has been limited and I have restricted selling placed on the account. Customer service was The eBay Community. : Answer Centre. : Selling on eBay. : eBay selling account has been temporarily restrict EBay account has been restricted indefinitely eBay Suspension My eBay account has been restricted. I am a Top Rated Seller Plus and have been selling on Ebay for 12 years with no problemsperfect So now i kind of got the just of why eBay block people so im more of a careful seller, However my recent eBay seller account has been restricted indefinitely, Not the entire account just my selling account. I used a Paypal account to receive funds from this eBay account but i never went into my MC198 INI Temporary Selling Restriction.

This is not so worst because theres a chance to protect our selling privileges. eBay will suspend our selling account temporarily.If we have found special items on dropshipping sites, we never think twice and list them on eBay. My account was unfairly, indefinitely suspended and I would like the account suspension removed and selling privileges fully reinstated. I have Never done anything out of practice with Ebay Selling basics - ebay, turn your items into extra cash selling on ebay is as easy as 1-2-3 list it ship it get paid explore the tips and tools to get started and be successful.Your account has been restricted indefinitely - ca. Hello hvids19692013, After reviewing your eBay account, weve taken the following actions: - Selling privileges have been temporarily restricted.As a result, weve taken the following action on your account: - Your eBay account has been suspended indefinitely. We have always played by the rules even though eBay changes these rules at their whim. Recently we got restricted on our account for 7 days due to givingAfter the customer came by to see it and said that they would think about it, we get a letter stating that we are restricted for trying to sell off of eBay. I was selling items that thousands of other sellers are selling. eBay never gave me warning that my listings could get my account restricted indefinitely. Why did they only target me, I had no disputes, complaints, claims, chargebacks, it was all good. 1. if i have an old account that has also shared the same IP previously with currently restricted account, but only use it in the future oon a different ip, is that safe? orLater I had some issues with ebay and they suspended my account with any prior notice, so I stopped selling my items on ebay. Just a message saying my account has been restricted indefinitely. I know there are ways around this with fake names and stealth accounts but I think its probably for the best that I stop using eBayEdwin Major on MC999 eBay Indefinite Selling Restriction And How Ebay Handles It Is A Joke. My account was suspended with the following message: Unfortunately, your eBay account has been restricted indefinitely from selling because your performance has not met the standards required to sell on eBay. I woke up to find an email stating my ebay account has been permanently restricted. I thought it was somekind of joke spam email or something only tomustve read my messages or some shit, because like 5 hours after i sold the item, they e-mailed me saying my account was suspended indefinitely If the account has not been fully paid, eBay may continue to contact you to collect outstanding fees.Doing so will still let you bid and make purchases, but youll have some restrictions if you later want to sell items on eBay. - Indefinitely restricted your account from listing in the Clothing, Shoes and Accessories category.- How much history the seller has selling in this category - this seems silly are they trying to say that eBay is only for experienced sellers now? Use the completed listings search to find similar items that have recently sold on eBay.Prohibited and Restricted Items List: Adult Material Alcohol (see also Wine) Animals and Wildlife ProductsWith PayPal, credit card or bank account information is kept private and safe on eBays secure servers. Now, your eBay account has been restricted indefinitely from selling because your performance has not met the standards required to sell on eBay. Lets see how your stars will look like if you post here with your selling ID. long standing business relationship with ebay in selling my products and satisfying my customers. You can also have look at feedback from them and my last few months rise as a seller. .Does it really work, i have heard that chances of reinstating a indefinitely suspended accounts are very slim. ebay has put selling restrictions due to bellow standard rating eventhough 100 feedback, need help to appeal for selling restriction.project only cosidered completed once ebay will reinstate selling privilage on my account. If they told you that "your eBay account is suspended indefinitely", the ONLY way you will ever sell again is byI know how this decision could be difficult for you but I hope you understand that once a seller has been permanently restricted from selling because they failed to meet the requirements of Hi, If i am currently restricted by a selling limit can i still offer second chance offers for the current listings i have active?Jan, 2011 at 2:44 am . This information about setting up new accounts on ebay as a way to get around there restrictions is o longer accurate. Selling privileges have been indefinitely restricted.My ebay account has now been hit with permanent restrictions. All 123 items I had listed have now been removed and I am no longer able to list or sell any new items. Basically was told I should have paid attention to my account. I have sold products after 2014 but never had an issue. She told me using Ebay was a privilege and my selling capabilities are restricted indefinitely. I have just received an email from ebay stating that my ebay account has been restricted for 7 days!Offers to buy or sell outside eBay, including providing contact information within a member-to-member message, are not allowed. As a result, weve taken the following action on your account: Selling privileges have been temporarily restricted.To appeal this restriction, youll need to: Upload the information weve listed below to < ebay url link>. To sell on eBay, you need to register and create a seller account.Verify that your account has been activated.Make sure your account doesnt have an internet or phone order block. MC999 is one of the most popular restrictions. All our accounts have passed this issues, and we guarantee you will not see this again MC999 eBay Indefinite Selling Restriction And How Ebay Handles It Is A Joke. My ebay selling account was restricted indefinitely cause I bought some 14k gold rings from china and they were marked 14k but not 14k goldI took them to jewelry store and got statement for ebayI faxed it in wanting a refundwell they told me I had to send them back to china in order to get a. You wake up one morning to an email from eBay that tells you that your seller account has been suspended "indefinitely".I sold roughly 45,000 in sales per month under the eBay username homeofficeproducts, with many loyal customers. Business was great but one day, out of the blue I have been selling on ebay since 2009 and recently received a notce today that "Your account has been restricted indefinitely".If you had any active listings prior to your restriction, they have been removed and your selling fees will be credited. So I did and now they have given my account the restriction of selling indefinitely as apparently they never cancelled my old account due to the factAs far as i know ebay accounts are never actually deleted, and once one account gets restricted they will also then restrict any linked accounts they My account was suspended with the following message: Unfortunately, your eBay account has been restricted indefinitely from selling because your performance has not met the standards required to sell on eBay. I was able to escape by opening a clandestine eBay account and selling clothing and boxed family heirlooms on eBayor why I wasnt instructed that this was immenent- they restricted my buying privilege for 7 days , reinstated it yesterday and then suspended my account indefinitely today and 7 day restrictions we are still selling but can not upload new items, edit anything eitherI spent some time on the phone this morning with an old freind whose fathers account just got restricted. they did not understand why as he has been there for many years and is a top rated power seller. If your eBay account has been suspended, there is always a way to get back on! Why were you suspended in the first place? If you are a small entrepreneur, selling something personal online or a Read more.eBay account was suspended indefinitely. My eBay account has been linked to another account and has been indefinitely restricted. Bronx, NY | 1 attorney answer. 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